In Development


James and Lucia

The film tells of James Joyce's final few years with his wife Nora in Paris and Zurich. He tries to complete Finnegans Wake, heroically struggles with his fading eyesight,  and searches for 'cures' for the so-called madness of his beloved daughter, Lucia. 


This film will tell the political and personal story of Theodor Herzl, a man obsessed with creating a homeland for Jews in Palestine, but determined to respect and be at peace with his Middle East neighbours.  

The film centres on his struggle to convince world statesmen and wealthy individuals to support his quest to create a Jewish homeland. It is a story of a man who refused to give in and take ‘no’ for an answer.  

The film follows his incredible journey and, at the same time, shows how his struggle damaged his relationship with his wife Julie (nee Naschauer) and his children, Hans, Pauline and Trude. The film also shows what Herzl believed the State of Israel would be like, and we can compare this with what has actually emerged. 



A film of the dystopian novel by Ronald Stone (aka James Atkins) recounts the strange life of George Waterford (2005-2082) -rebel, soldier, judge, senator and gardener- a man deeply in love with the natural world. His mission was to change the world at any cost and leave an irreversible legacy for nature.

Son of India
Verrier Elwin, the son of the Bishop of Oxford and a priest himself, travels to India with two other priests, where they plan to work in an ashram devoted to helping lepers. Over a short period of time he comes to love India and her people, befriends Gandhi and begins his lifelong battle to serve the Indian people and fight the Raj. He moves to a remote region of Central India and unexpectedly falls in love with a young tribal woman, Lila. Church and State frown upon their subsequent marriage. He decides to abandon his faith, fight for the Indian tribal people of Assam and remain in India until his death. Following Indian Independence, he is made its first Honorary Citizen.


Audrey Grof is a trophy wife in her early 30s, has use of her husband’s private jet, lives in a beautiful Chelsea house (as well as other luxurious properties), and wears the best and most exclusive clothes money can buy. Needless to say, Michael is much older than his delectable wife.

In contrast, Jeff has very little. He works for an environmental project in Yorkshire. He’s an expert in reintroducing wolves into the wild.

Audrey and Jeff meet when she visits one of her ‘charities’, funded through her husband’s largesse. “What do you do?” Jeff asks. “I enable people to do the things they would like to do if they had the money,” she tells him.

This is an encounter that starts with sudden and surprising lust, love and affection, but ends in equally sudden death.