Documentaries and television drama

Television drama in development

Relationship Junkies (6 part series)

Five women meet at a self-help group (for 'Women who love too much'), first as strangers and then as friends. The series follows them as they try and improve their lives.

Travellers (6 part series)

This series focuses on the  family life of travelling showmen (aka, fairground people). This is a drama series giving a rare, candid, warts-and-all glimpse behind the scenes at the fair, and into the private lives of the people who run them. Although entirely fictional, the events and characters are based on fact, co-written by a traveller, resulting in an impressive, original and sometimes humorous insight into an unknown world.

From the first episode we will see how they are very different from anyone we have seen on television before. Although the characters are Big, they are not all Fat, not at all Gypsy, and there are no Weddings.


Documentary idea

Therapy (4 part series)

This four part series explores the psychotherapy/counselling experience, and attempts to carefully answer the question - is therapy useful? Of course this question depends on answers to other questions: Which therapy is most appropriate for which problem? Which therapist will be the most likely to help? How do I choose my therapy and therapist? How long should the process take? Etc.

The series focuses on the therapies most likely to be encountered by the average individual, family and viewer: namely, non-directive counselling, brief psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and cognitive therapy (CBT).


Stills from completed and broadcast documentaries

Documentary about Indian 'guru' Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


Man under the sea - a film about the Norwegian author Axel Jensen


A three part series for Channel 4 (Sufism: the heart of Islam) shot in the USA, Egypt and Morocco